Welcome to ImpVis – a staff and student project visualising abstract concepts for your STEM courses_

To provide learners with collections of visualisations that are relevant to specific modules in their STEM courses.

In the Learn environment, one or more visualisations are collated in Collections. These Collections are linked to specific departments, year groups, and/or modules. This means instructors can easily present to their learners the visualisations that are useful to them, and learners can quickly find the visualisations relevant to their modules.

To provide stand-alone visualisations, each designed to help foster an intuitive understanding of a specific abstract concept in STEM.

Browse our full range of visualisations in the Teach environment. Here visualisations can be filtered by category and are tagged with the concept they focus on. Where possible, the visualisations are displayed so that they can be used in presentations, thus providing useful lecture tools.

To provide our community with the wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise required to create visualisations for use in education.

Our Code page gives insight into our creative process, from design to implementation. This introduction is intended for people who are interested in joining our community and creating their own ImpVis visualisations.

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